Why PCGS and NGC Coin Certification Is So Important

PCGS & NGC are the two most respected and trusted coin grading companies in the world.

The biggest reason is they both offer an impartial, universal and standardized coin grading service for coin enthusiasts like you, so you can buy and sell coins with more confidence.

PCGS and NGC Logos

Are Certified coins more valuable?

PCGS and NGC Certified coins often command a higher value than just raw coins do, and buyers will usually pay more for PCGS and NGC certified coins.

And even though there’s a small fee involved, you may want to consider getting your rare coins Certified.

When a coin is sent to them for Certification and grading, their professional graders look closely at several things.

  • Is it authentic?
  • What’s the physical condition?
  • Does the coin have flaws or problems that can affect the value?

The answers to these questions help them determine its ultimate grade and value.

Don’t you want to get good grades?

Grades typically range from Good to Mint State, and the grade plays a huge part in determining a coin’s value.

PCGS Certified 1878 Morgan Dollar

PCGS Certified 1878 Morgan Dollar

May times, seemingly insignificant flaws can make thousands of dollars of difference.

Highly-respected first tier coin grading services like PCGS and NGC can be trusted for authentication, finding problems and grading.

Though both follow strict and consistent grading standards, their standards are not identical. Coin grading is subjective, so you must keep in mind professional coin graders are human, and even though qualified, can make mistakes.

PCGS and NGC both offer a guarantee of grading accuracy and authenticity for each coin they encapsulate.

Submitting your coins for Certification

The submission process and dealing directly with PCGS or NGC can be complicated or overwhelming? for many people.

Because of this, many coin enthusiasts prefer to have their dealer submit their coins to PCGS or NGC for them.

Of course, we’re a PCGS and NGC dealer, so we’d be happy to submit your coins for you so you won’t have to deal with the hassle.

Also keep in mind this is just a “crash course” so to speak, and things do change. So if you have a specific question or situation, contact us for up-to-the-minute information.


2 thoughts on “Why PCGS and NGC Coin Certification Is So Important

  1. Robert

    Hi, I did read your “Certification Is So Important” and have a question.
    Does PGCS or NGC give better grades to Dealers? The reason I’m questioning this is that I see dealers
    on eBay with better grade coins. Or before new coins are released from the U.S. Mint, I see dealers
    all ready selling Proof 70 or MS 70 (pre-sale). How does the dealers know that they will get proofs 70’s or
    MS 70,s from the grading company even before they send the coins out for grading?
    Will wait for your reply and thanks,

    1. Greg Post author

      PCGS & NGC are unbiased on there opinion on the grade of the coin. That’s what makes them the leaders in the industry. Dealers who pre-sale coins already have agreements with other dealers to buy there coins at dealer to dealer prices after grading. This allows them to sell before they actually have the coins.


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