Get Great Deals on Raw, GIA and EGL Certified Diamonds


High-quality diamonds are forever

Seacoast Coin & Jewelry carries a great selection of beautiful diamonds, and diamond jewelry. And you can choose from raw diamonds or brilliant GIA Certified diamonds that are set in gorgeous settings.

You can be assured that we’ll also educate you in the importance of the crucial qualities, such as the 4 C’s and other important factors when selecting your own dazzling diamond.

You’ll get a definite price advantage when shopping here. The big retail jewelry stores inflate their prices almost to the point of robbery, and you still get an inferior diamond. Our prices are significantly lower because I base them on the actual value.

GIA Grading and Certificates are important

Many diamonds come with their own Certificates or GIA Grading Report to ensure you know the exact quality of the specific diamond. This will provide you a more accurate grade, resulting in a much more accurate diamond value.

If you are selling, we will offer you the highest price in the area. Our price is based on a number of factors, including the quality and size of the diamond, the shape, and current demand.

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